Small & Medium Business Onboarding Subscription – Legal & Accounting(Yearly)



Charges : Rs. 3999 + 18% GST

Salient Features:

  1. Unlimited on-call video/voice call legal advice
  2. Up to 10 documentation/drafts/agreements in 1 year
  3. Litigation cost to be born up to ₹ 1 lakh
  4. Dedicated relationship manager to take your tasks on priority
  5. E-Stamp based partnering agreement in compliance with the state government
  6. Access to 1000+ advocates from various departments from all across India
  7. On-call / Online legal assistance related to your business at any point of time from any part of India
  8. On-road legal assistance for goods – transportation related to business
  9. On-demand advocate availability at your business/shop for any urgent or critical issue
  10. Unique Partnership ID for fulfilling all your legal requirements
  11. Assistance in any kind of licensing or compliance
  12. Assisting in creating a Separate Bank Account for Your Small Business
  13. Assisting in tracking Your Income and Expenses
  14. Assistance in GST Filing
  15. Assistance in Filing Tax
  16. Helping with Tax-saving strategies
  17. Filing any mandatory documents as per your business requirements.
  18. Providing weekly notifications with govt. subsidiary and programs for small and medium businesses.
  19. Assisting in applying various government schemes as applicable for your business.


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